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[31 Jan 2007|03:10am]
im kind of stuck......

i've hit a fork in the road....

im not sure where to go from here...
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[08 Jan 2007|01:48pm]
stayed home from school today. everyone in my house is sick
i have a cold...hopefully it doesnt get any worse.

i quit smokin weed....for real this time but only till i get off of probationa mach 11th! 2 months without it wont kill me....
im sure ill get one more drug test befor i get off which is why i thought itd be wise to quit now rather then wait for my 24 hour notice to come in the mail :)

in the past week i have seen a ton of ppl i havent chilled with in a long time and it was nice.

its trying to snow outside
im bored
the end.

p.s. i cant find a job for the life of me....
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[20 Oct 2006|08:12pm]
i think im getting a job at lakeside at lids....i hope so
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[15 Sep 2006|06:05pm]
when ever im not looking there is people all around

but when im looking for someone to be here for me no one can find the time

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[12 Aug 2006|01:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]


i went to the movies last night with justin k. and pete g. it was funnn i cant wait to go again we went and saw that 9/11 movie it was too sad

i have my second interview at big boys today i hope it all goes well (cass&groesbeck)

school starts soon i may be taking some college classes this year as well

along with american school

i gotta get my shit together

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[04 Aug 2006|10:24pm]
i just heard that he got a plane ticket to detroit and he was on his way here
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[28 Jul 2006|12:12am]
grandmas boy is by far the best movie i have seen in a looooong time its a sweet stoner/gamer movie

yeah it totally rocks
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[13 Jul 2006|09:58am]
so not too much going on latly
hung with robyn last night ummm
the boat shows are this weekend and steve is working at them and amanda has the day off so i think we may go to them :)

i have to go shower now and get ready for the day
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[02 Jun 2006|08:54pm]
[ mood | content ]

tomorrow morning im going to my cottage on the water with steve my brother geoff and my dad

i cant wait to go swimming

im gunna see if i can follow my dads car there seeings how he is picking up my grandma on the way

i really dont want to be trapped in a silent car the whole way there with the windows rolled up cuz grandmas old and cant travel easily

oh dear god please let me be able to take my car to canada

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[14 May 2006|02:11am]
i hate everything.

i wish more ppl were awake at 2:13 am

i hate how things are going and i hate where there headed
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